The Vampire Diaries Stars’ Romance Is No More, And TV Is Once Again Better Than Real Life

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Vampire Diaries Elena Damon

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, one of the last great couples of Young Hollywood, have reportedly split, and I'm not sure how to cope with my emotions.

Ian is just a perfect specimen of a human being. Those heart-stopping, smoldering looks – I almost have no words. He's also super involved in progressive politics and saving the environment, which is the second best way to my heart (the first is being a gorgeous dude with piercing eyes, of course). I first loved him on Lost, where his character was an asshole, but an impossibly delicious one. And his devilishly charming bad-boy-turned-good vibe on The Vampire Diaries has me ready to feed him my blood and damn my immortal soul (or whatever happens when you turn into a vampire).

Ian and Nina have an incredible on-screen chemistry as Damon and Elena on the show, to the point where no viewer actually believes that Elena is meant to be with Damon's brother, Stefan. Ew. Delena all the way!

Sure, they're acting, but it's not hard to see how such a simmeringly sexy TV tryst could turn into a real-life relationship. I love to pretend that TV is real life, so these co-star romances are what I live for.

And Nina is beautiful and talented herself. I watched her back when she was on Degrassi, but she's grown up since then. I imagined Nina and Ian off saving rainforests and fighting animal abuse together – they could be like the Bill and Melinda Gates of the young celeb/vampire world.

One might think I should be thrilled that my lovely Ian is back on the market. (We actually both hail from the same region of south Louisiana, so there's always the possibility that we could run into each other on the street, go eat oyster po-boys together, and fall in love.) But if someone like Nina can't keep him, then what chance could I ever hope to have? I might as well give up on love completely.

I haven't seen much speculation over the reasons behind the tragic demise of the pair's three-year romance, so, obviously, the first thing I did was check Ian's twitter. He tweeted a quote from playwright Lillian Hellman just a few hours ago: “People change and forget to tell each other.” Oooh!

Can we extract from those eight words the message that any relationship is inevitably splintered by the individuals' differing goals? That two lovers may hope they can grow old together, but instead they will grow apart?

Yes, that must be exactly what Ian is feeling. So sad, so poignant. If this pair, two of the most beautiful people I can think of, can't make it work, then there is surely no hope for the rest of us ordinary folk.

And what if the reports of their break-up aren't even true? There was a quickly quashed rumor about them splitting only last month, and Us just has a measly anonymous “exclusive source” this time. What if I've let my world shatter, only to have it built back up again later this evening?

Being engrossed in the world of celebrity romance is a rollercoaster, you guys. With the constant speculation over Liam and Miley, and Justin and Selena being long gone, and now this, there just aren't any good young couples for me to obsess over anymore. What am I going to do?

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