Weirdly Enough, Hugh Jackman’s Wife Is Not Cool With Everyone Calling Her Husband Gay

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Hugh Jackman Deborra-Lee Furness

Well this is strange news I did not see coming today. Apparently Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness does not like it when everyone questions her husband's sexuality. According to an interview with Les Miserables star Hugh Jackman in The Hollywood Reporterthe rumors are really starting to get on her nerves. Like nails on a chalkboard or endless emails from Obama even though you thought you unsubscribed or ordering your lunch and finding out moments later that it's being provided by your office today.

Yeah, I may not be a doctor. But I know how nerves work.

Despite these friends and a seemingly idyllic life, Jackman admits rumors about his sexuality have taken a greater toll than previously acknowledged, especially on his wife. “Just recently, it bugs her,” he says, blaming the Internet, which she frequents more than he does. (Jackman largely sticks to cricket sites and The Economist.) “She goes: ‘It's big. It's everywhere!' “

I just don't understand why it would bother her so much that everyone thinks her husband's gay and that she's his long-term beard. People also think her husband's the second coming of Jesus — if Jesus ever took time out of his busy schedule to become the world's best-looking triple threat. So people think a lot of things about Hugh. One of those things just happens to be that he's gay. Whatever Deborra-Lee! You know the truth, so don't listen to the haters! And the rumor makers! And Russell Crowe's voice in Les Miserables.

The best advice I can give Deborra-Lee is to stop reading the Internet. It's just full of filth and dirt and celebrity bloggers who speak to famous people in blog posts like they actually know them or something. In short, the internet is no place for a lady! Or a triple-threat. That's why Hugh only goes to critcket sites. He knows the Internet Superhighway is just one false rumor away from a major collision. Sorry, that's just a little superhighway humor for you.

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