18 Things You Can Only Do With Your High School Friends

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Some friends come and go, and some are truly friends forever. If you were lucky enough to have a solid group of high school friends, you know the unique friendship that this brings. High school friends literally grow up with you. They saw you at your best and your worst. They were there the first time you had your heartbroken and stuck with you when other friends stabbed you in the back.

Now as adults, you realize that some of your first friendships are the purest and easiest to maintain. Sure, college pals can be the best thing ever, but high school friends truly get you, 100% know your past and when you see each other now, you revert back to your high school self… in the best way possible. There are lots of laughs, some gossip about old classmates (guilty), and a lot of reminiscing. Read on to see why your high school friends are the best friends you'll ever have.

1. Talk Endlessly About the Past

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You and your high school BFF have so much history it's inevitable you'll talk about the past when you two get together. You talk about everything from old crushes to horrible hair cuts you used to have. They were there too, so you both have the same memories. It really is beautiful to share that with someone.