Just More Evidence That Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Are In A Fakelationship

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Just More Evidence That Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Are In A Fakelationship Henry Cavill Kaley Cuoco July 2013 jpg

Remember when Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco started dating ten minutes ago and you expressed extreme shock that they came out of nowhere as a couple and immediately starting PDAing with each other in public? Sure they’re both two good-looking people who straddle the line between the A-list and the B-list, but it must take more than that to get the sexual chemistry bubbling these days. Unless of course there’s no sexual chemistry and the whole thing’s a contractual obligation set up by a publicist.

WHAT!? I know. Sometimes publicists set up relationships for their clients to get them more attention in the media. See Robsten, a couple who’s relationship conveniently lined up with their movie franchise, as my favorite example. (Also see Danielle Jonas as someone who should’ve picked a different brother before signing on the alleged dotted line.) We totally called Cuocovill as a prelationship the day that the first photos of them being all lovely-dovey together came out. And now there’s mounting evidence that we may’ve been right. Or that we may be stepping in some murky legal waters.  Either way let’s discuss this blind item that just went up on Blind Gossip. As always keep in mind that blind items are not facts and therefore just for fun. Because if you’re anything like me, you get the majority of your kicks from wild speculation and playing detective.

They’re Not Banging Yet 

He is the star of one of the biggest movies of the past year.  She is the star of a popular television show. They are now dating.  Is their relationship real?

Not quite. They are both single, good-looking, successful actors… who share the same publicist.  Yes, this relationship was cooked up in a publicist’s office. (Note: PR relationships are so much easier when there is only one publicist involved!)

Their initial contract is only for just a few months. Then they will have a chance to decide whether they both want to renew. The upside is that they really don’t mind hanging out together, have become real friends, and have garnered themselves a lot of publicity. The PDA is just for the cameras at this point and they haven’t slept together yet… but one of them is hopeful that it will become something more. We think this fake dating relationship could actually become a real one!

So let’s go down the list here and see how closely this lines up with Cuocovill. (Also doesn’t Cuocovill sound like an exotic cocktail at a trendy restaurant???)

1. Banging is a reference to Big Bang Theory, the popular TV show that Kaley Cuoco is on.

2. Henry Cavill starred in Man of Steel, which just happens to be one of the biggest movies this year.

3. They’re apparently repped by the same PR company.

This isn’t my first time digging deep into a blind item, so I know that you’re already muttering “but whyyy?” at your computer. Well, let’s take a little looky-look at some possible reasoning from both their camps as to why they thought this fakelationship would be a good move.

Kaley’s starring in Author’s Anonymous which is slated to come out at some point this year even though I’ve never heard of it or half the people starring in it. A headline-heavy relationship would certainly help the movie get some recognition in the mainstream media. Oh what’s that? I just gave it some recognition when it would’ve otherwise gone unmentioned by our site. Cool! It worked! But that’s just Kaley. What’s Henry’s stake in this whole thing? Well he kinda needs to keep the press going for Man of Steel because the movie just keeps dropping in the box office. Sure that’s normal, but the 65% drop-off in the 2nd week probably didn’t have the movie producers high-fiving each other. So there’s that. Also it’s never a bad idea to have your name being talked about by people when you’re trying to get a permanent spot on the A-list.

Or there’s also always the possibility that they’re really dating and the blind item’s not about them and that they’re soon-to-be our new favorite couple. Anything can happen guys! After all Bill Clinton accepted Justin Bieber’s apology today and a paparazzi insulted a 7-year-old to her face. There’s not really anything that goes down in celebrity-land that’s too hard to believe — even Cuocovill.

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