17 Surefire Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

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Dating can be tough and when you fall hard for somebody, occasionally your judgment can be a bit clouded. Are you misinterpreting things? Sending the wrong signs? Should you keep putting energy into a relationship when things get bumpy or just throw in the towel and breakup? A healthy relationship can be one of the greatest things in the world and definitely worth it. You should be able to trust each other, help each other grow and be there for each other. Don't take love lessons from your favorite TV shows; we all know that is a disaster waiting to happen, but if you are curious if you are in a healthy relationship, these 17 traits are sure signs you're in a healthy relationship.

1. Maintain Your Own Identities

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It is easy to get lost in a relationship, especially when you fall head over heels for your love. It is okay to have separate interests, groups of friends and do things solo from time to time. By maintaining your own identity and sense of self, you are being true to the person that your significant other fell for and keeping the things in your life that make you happy as individual.