Harry Styles Is So Much Better Than His Fakelationships, So What Gives?

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Harry Styles Is So Much Better Than His Fakelationships  So What Gives  Harry Styles topless tattoos gif


As you probably read on the front page of every major newspaper this weekend, One Direction’s Harry Styles got spotted coming out of a hotel with Kendall Jenner. The same Kendall Jenner who watched him perform on Saturday Night Live backstage and the same Kendall Jenner who ate dinner with him at a restaurant one night. Naturally everyone out there’s doing the math and coming to the conclusion that they’re dating. But I would recommend that everyone might want to hold their horses on this relationship. After all, odds are pretty high that it’s a fakelationship. A PR stunt. A set-up to get both of them more publicity.

Which makes sense for aspiring celebutante Kendall Jenner. She requires at least three headlines a day to live to see the next. Or to attend the celebrity cotillion behind held on New Year’s Eve. I can’t quite remember which it was. Either way, this is just the start of an illustrious career for her, one that’s just full of fakelationships. She’ll fondly remember this one in the same way that a normal girl remembers her first kiss.

But Harry Styles? He’s arguably one of the most popular men in the world right now. So why does he need the publicity? I mean, I know that Midnight Memories just dropped and that One Direction wants to sell it as hard as possible. But considering that they’e One Direction, I don’t really see how this fits into their PR strategy. Have each of the boys tweet out a message along the lines of “please help us by buying two Midnight Memories each” and they would double their sales. I just really can’t wrap my heard around the idea that they need this kind of added publicity to drum up sales. Or that it’s even good for them in the long run. There’s a difference between making Harry their token bad boy and making him date a D-list reality star who everyone knows will do anything to be famous.

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