The Happiest Ending For Happy Endings Is Casey Wilson’s Engagement To Its Creator

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ah ma zing happy endings


Oh, Happy Endings. How I miss you so. Your fate didn't live up to your title, as your ending actually turned out to be very premature and sad. But you were so, so good while you lasted. However, while I rewatch old episodes wondering what might have been, something very joyous is happening to two people involved in the show. Casey Wilson, aka the AH-MAH-ZING Penny Hartz, is engaged to the show's creator David Caspe. They met on the set of the show and started dating in 2011. Even though I'm still mourning the show's cancellation, I'm glad something (hopefully) lasting could come out of it being made.

Casey Wilson confirmed the happy news to Us Weekly, explaining the proposal in a manner that's nothing short of delightful.

“I got engaged over Labor Day Weekend to my boyfriend of two years and I'm thrilled,” the 32-year-old tells Us. “He proposed with a beautiful family ring the first night we spent in our new house. I was, of course, crying slash wailing and then my dad and brother and his family came up the driveway and then everybody was cry/wailing. It was very special. A perfect night.”

Cry/wailing. Is that not the perfect phrase? I'm totally stealing that the next time I have to describe to someone how I reacted to the end of My Dog Skip. Or any other dog-related movie, really. Or the cancellation of Happy Endings, for that matter.

Casey and David are both writers (Casey co-wrote the upcoming movie Ass Backwards with fellow funny lady June Diane Raphael), so I'm just going to assume they'll go ahead and get to work on a new comedy pilot together. Maybe an ensemble show they can get the entire Happy Endings cast to star in? And also maybe they all play characters very similar to the ones they played in Happy Endings? And the plot is a lot like Happy Endings? And also can it just be a new season of Happy Endings maybe? Is that not how TV works? What, Modern Family can win Best Comedy four years in a row but Casey and David can't bring Happy Endings back from the dead by harnessing the power of their love? What are you even doing out there, Hollywood?