20 Perfect GIFs You Can Send in Response To An Unwarranted DP

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Let’s face it, we’ve all been through it. You matched with a guy on Tinder that seemed nice enough. You guys were having a totally normal conversation and then all of a sudden, an unwarranted d*ck pic (DP, for those of you not in the know) is shining on your screen. You didn’t ask for it, you didn't even want it and the conversation probably was headed nowhere near that direction, but still, there the DP lays. While shock and despair may first flood your mind, ultimately the reigning emotion has got to be confusion. Like, does he really think I'm going to ~get off~ to this poorly lit and awkwardly-angled photograph of his junk?

As you quickly set down your phone, rolling your eyes, you begin to think of your response. Listening to a feminist anthem, you hope to find some inspiration. It crosses your mind that you could just not respond at all, but how would the sender ever learn from his mistakes? You ultimately decide that you must respond to his tomfoolery and you've gotta do it ASAP.

Thank god for technology, there's a way you can respond with minimal effort that will still make a guy feel dumb as hell. Next time you receive an unwarranted DP, use one of these handpicked GIFs to get you out of your awkward situation and teach a man his lesson.

And you wanna know how we know that an unwarranted d*ck pic is clearly a gendered problem? Because “unwarranted boob pic” or “unwarranted vag pic” as a phrase doesn't even exist, but “unwarranted d*ck pic” just rolls off the tongue.