Amal Took 25 Minutes To Answer George Clooney’s Proposal, So That’s Encouraging

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Amal Took 25 Minutes to Answer George Clooney s Proposal  So That s Encouraging george clooney and amal jpg

George Clooney made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, and as you’d expect from Ellen, she got a great story out of him. Specifically, the story of how he proposed to his now-wife Amal. I mean, it’s what everyone wants to know, right? How did Hollywood’s most famous bachelor, who everyone was convinced would never settle down, propose to the woman he ultimately married? The answer is both sweet and awkward. Sweet in that George sounds like he was really nervous to pull it off. Awkward in that Amal apparently took 25 minutes to answer him after he asked.

George says he hid the ring, cooked dinner, and had romantic music playing (some of it by his aunt Rosemary, nbd). There were a few unexpected wrenches thrown into George’s plan, but he ultimately got Amal to find the ring. I think it says a lot not only about George’s determination to never get married, but also about how much money these two have, that Amal saw the ring and just said, “It’s a ring,” like someone left their pack of gum behind after a party. George finally made it clear to her what was happening and spat the question out, and then something weird happened.

George says that, according to the time on the playlist they were listening to, Amal took 25 minutes to answer him. He doesn’t make it clear what happened during that 25 minutes, but I like to assume it was like a sitcom, where a “25 minutes later” message pops up and they’re still standing in exactly the same positions with exactly the same expressions on their faces. Eventually, of course, Amal said yes, mostly because George informed her that he was already 52 and certainly wasn’t getting any younger waiting for a response. And the rest is history.

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