How to Be That One Friend Everyone Goes to For Advice

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As difficult it is to believe, being the friend that other people go to for advice is an attainable goal. I know that sometimes it seems like you are barely qualified to go grocery shopping without a parent or guardian to keep an eye on you, let alone help someone process a real problem, but it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Giving good advice to friends is less about being ~The Most Together~ person in your squad, and more about listening. Keep in mind these few simple tips and soon your friends will be begging you to help solve their problems. Just remember — with great power comes great responsibility.

Step 1: Don’t give unsolicited advice


The way to become the friend who everyone goes to for advice is absolutely not to just give the most advice. Quality over quantity here, people. Let your friends come to you once they realize how helpful and supportive you are, once you follow the next few steps.