16 Prime Excuses for the Platonic Guy Friend Who Asks You Out When You Just Want to Be Friends

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1. Say you're not dating right now because you need to focus on yourself

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At our age, saying that you're trying to learn how to be independent and getting to know yourself is not as bad as it sounds on the surface. You're a whole new person all of a sudden! Being a young adult is like puberty for your brain, and there's a lot to process. So this is a good excuse, even if it sounds like it's straight out of a romantic comedy. The downside is that you may feel like you can't date anyone for a while or maybe ever so as not to tip your guy friend off that you lied — but to that, I would submit: who cares? At that point, you can just say that you're head over heels for the person and things just happen, or whatever. The purpose of this list is to get him off your back immediately. Don't think too far ahead here.