16 Prime Excuses for the Platonic Guy Friend Who Asks You Out When You Just Want to Be Friends

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As a strong, independent, beautiful on-the-inside-and-on-the-outside female, it's almost inevitable that at some point you'll be friends with a guy who develops feelings for you. At that time, there's a pretty high likelihood that you will want nothing more than to continue your friendship, and not take things to the next level. And **spoiler alert** that's totally FINE. You are completely within your rights to feel that way and to make sure that he's aware of where you two stand. In a perfect world, your platonic guy friend would respect that and things would just carry on as they were.

Unfortunately, with — shocker — the world being quite imperfect, what's more likely is that you're going to hurt his delicate, precious ego and he's going to avoid you for months or shit-talk you to his friends or worse — your mutuals. So it's a delicate situation to be in, no matter how you play it.

Here's the thing, any ‘Nice Guy' who tries to make you feel crappy for rejecting his advances is actually a douchebag and you should probably just drop him. However, we understand that it's not always ~that~ cut and dry. So, here are some possible excuses to give someone you don't want to date — but whose friendship you would still like to keep. (Answers vary depending on how valuable this friendship actually is to you.)