Exclusive: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Went Out on Valentine’s Day – But Not With Each Other

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This Valentine's Day, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick both went to the restaurant Odeon in New York's TriBeCa neighborhood. However, the married couple didn't come to the restaurant together. SJP was seated with an unidentified man believed to be her date for the night – “She was feeding him food off of her plate,” said a source, “and they looked pretty intimate to me.” As for Parker's husband? Broderick walked in with friends Casey Affleck and Ben Stiller and sat at a table where they could view Parker easily. As the group kept ordering drinks, Stiller loudly narrated everything that Parker and her date were doing at their table while Parker appeared mortified. According to fellow restaurant patrons, who overheard everything Stiller was saying in the small space, the guys knew that Parker would be there that night and came to Odeon with the sole purpose of embarrassing her.

This isn't the first time there have been rumors about the shakiness of Broderick and Parker's marriage – in 2008, Star magazine claimed that Broderick had been cheating, and after the couple's twin daughters were born the following year the pair reportedly took up separate residences. However, Broderick and co's very public actions last week make it seem that the couple isn't even trying to keep up appearances.