16 Foods to Eat That Will Definitely Make Your Ex Jealous

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Sometimes relationships suck – especially in those vulnerable, shattering moments in which two people decide to separate. As exhausting as a partnership can often be, a breakup certainly takes the cake for the event that single-handedly induce stress-eating and unprecedented Netflix-bingeing.

But as much as you might long to stuff your face with refined sugar and the driest wine imaginable in your post-breakup days, there’s more to be said by taking the Beyoncé approach. Yes, I’m referencing Lemonade — specifically, her iconic words in the final refrain of “Formation” when she reminds all us lady warriors, “Best revenge is your paper.” And though I may not be talking about money here, I still agree with Queen Bey, the best revenge you can pull on that Becky-with-the-good-hair-loving psycho jerk is your own personal success. Whether it’s focusing on money, your career, or even your skin — a prosperous, prolific, thriving YOU is the number one thing to make your ex feel real shitty about what he or she left behind.

So put down the sugar. While the ways in which to incite envy in your ex go on and on forever, TBH, looking hot is an easy, quick, and very physical way to make that unworthy ex’s head spin.

Want to look your best? Eat these 16 collagen-boosting foods and your skin will glow, your Instagram selfies will capital T-H, THRIVE, and your ex will seriously question every decision he/she ever made… EVER.