Eva Mendes Wants To Break Up With Ryan Gosling, Probably Also Wants War, Pestilence And Famine

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Eva Mendes October 2013 LA office buildingAccording to a completely unreliable source who heard it from an even more unreliable source, Eva Mendes wants to break up with Ryan Gosling. Yes, that Ryan Gosling. Our new friends at (first time for every source, am I right?) heard from their friends at Heat magazine that she's totally over dating him. Even if he's the ideal man and even if millions of women would commit murder if that's what it took to sleep with him.

Apparently she's been going over to her ex-boyfriend's house and complaining to him about how Ryan's obsessed with commitment and marriage and making babies and all that stuff that I think about when I'm alone at night. The source, who sure knows a whole lot about intimate conversations between Eva and her ex, says that Eva just isn't into settling down with Ryan.

“Augusto seems to think that Eva’s done with Ryan – he claims it’s just a matter of time before she dumps him officially,” the source revealed. “She’s been crying on his shoulder about her problems with Ryan wanting to settle down – and as a result Eva and George have become close again.”

After hearing all this, I can only assume that she probably also hates when he makes plans with her in advance, surprises her with a home-cooked dinner and tells her she looks beautiful with no make-up on. Also puppies in general, she most definitely HATES puppies.

While it's obviously devastating when two gorgeous human beings break up (if they can't make it, who can???), it's also important to remember that they'll both get through this. And after they get through this, they'll go on to date even more beautiful people. People so beautiful that normals like us can't even see them.

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