Emma Watson Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Last Summer, Accidentally Forgot To Tell The Media

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Emma Watson Smiling black and white dressI received quite the shock to my heart this morning when I woke up and found out that Emma Watson broke up with Will Adamowicz.  And then I had a full on heart attack when I found she broke up with him last summer. As in not yesterday or the day before or even last week. Emma Watson's been single for months and we've had no idea. Like I've spent every single day living in ignorance — just assuming that she's off having this great relationship with this great guy. Turns out, I'm wrong. For all I know she broke up with him on June 1st and got on Tinder on June 2nd. I mean, really?

Don't celebrities know that their first priority after ending a relationship is to contact the media. Fine, that's unfair, you're right. First they can play the Adele song of their choice. Then they have to contact the media. Or at the very least have their rep issue a statement. Otherwise, celebrity enthusiasts such as myself are left feeling like idiots. Doesn't Emma know we could've whipped her up a list of prospective boyfriends that very day? Can you say, Wingardium new love interest!?! That's what we're here to do — support (and occasionally unsupport) celebrities.

Making this situation even more tragic (and by situation I don't mean the break-up and I do mean the fact that we weren't told about the break-up until today) is that Will got photographed with a mysterious white powder recently. Naturally he's denying that it's anything suspicious, but nonetheless it's certainly sullying poor Emma's reputation. And that's the last thing she needs now that I've blacklisted her for keeping her personal life personal. Girl needs all the good press she can get.

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