Ellen Tries Her Darndest To Get Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield To Declare Their Love For Each Other

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Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Ellen interview April 2014

Everyone needs to give many thanks to the pop culture gods over the next few weeks, because The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming out soon, and that means we get to watch its stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on their press tour. I of course mean their press tour of love. Let's just put “of love” at the end of everything they do. For example, this week they did an The Ellen DeGeneres Show interview… OF LOVE. Emma and Andrew's love seemed to also be on Ellen's mind, because it's all she could ask about.

Professional third wheel Jamie Foxx plays Ellen's partner in crime in this here interview, as they attack EmmAndrew from either side with questions about their luuurve for each other. “Before you kiss, do you kiss to make sure you're gonna kiss okay?” Ellen inquires. “It just looks so natural,” Jamie chimes in. But of course, even though everyone's known forever that Emma and Andrew are K-I-S-S-I-N-G in real life as well as in movie life, they usually act pretty coy about their romance. So Andrew decides to take a sudden intense interest in his mug of water, and Emma just giggles away next to him. I dare you to watch this video and not smile.

But lest you think Ellen asked a few kiss-related questions and left it at that, don't you worry. She also asked them about whether or not the cast members had to share hotel rooms to save money. She's totally determined, and Jamie Foxx is totally determined to assist her in her determination. And Emma and Andrew are determined to be adorably embarrassed. Basically, Ellen is like that nosy aunt at Thanksgiving dinner who won't stop asking you who you're dating, and I guess Jamie is the weird uncle or something? I don't know, just watch. It's adorbs.