The Cutest Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Media In Existence

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When celebrity couples do interviews together, it's amazing. When co-stars who get along really well do interviews together, it's amazing. When a couple who also stars in a movie together does interviews together, and that movie has a sequel so we get two separate press tours and all the cuteness in between, it's almost too amazing to handle. But that's what we get with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who are not only dating (although they don't really like to talk about that) but also starring in a superhero franchise together.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being released tomorrow, but before you go to the theater to witness their onscreen chemistry, you're going to want to check out some of their offscreen chemistry. Between the recent press tour, the last press tour, and plenty of non-movie-related moments, there's a lot of Emmandrew media in existence to squee over, and we've rounded up some of the best examples. Oh, and we're calling them Emmandrew around here now. Hope you're okay with that. Feel free to share your own favorite moments in the comments.

1. When Ellen tried to get them to declare their love for each other.

As we know, Ellen is really good at sucking confessions out of celebrities, but somehow Emma and Andrew managed to remain their usual coy selves when grilled about their kissing scene. It's a little pointless for them to keep quiet about it since we know they're together, but it's cute nonetheless.

2. When Emma met a Spice Girl and Andrew was super happy for her.

This latest press tour for Emma has been unofficially sponsored by her obsession with the Spice Girls, and it's been amazing. When a radio show got a video chat going between Emma and Mel C, she had an adorable reaction, naturally. But just look at how happy Andrew is for her!

3. When Emma called Andrew out for a sexist comment.

When Andrew made a mildly sexist comment about sewing being a “feminine” activity, Emma called him out on it, and he got adorably flustered.

4. When they did an interview together and we never wanted them to separate.

There was a while there where we'd seen them out and about in paparazzi photos or doing interviews separately, but then when the latest press tour started and they got together for an interview, we remembered just how great they are together. EMMANDREW 5eva.

5. When they were adorable on Graham Norton.

It's pretty much a given that when any celebrity is on Graham Norton, they become 10x more adorable. When Graham pranked Emma into thinking she was about to meet a Spice Girl in the flesh, Andrew had an amazing reaction. Look at him clap and giggle over her excitement!

6. When Emma decorated Andrew with fake web and he didn't even mind.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider Man 2 press event Tokyo March 2014

(Photo: Kento Nara/Future Image/

During a press conference in Tokyo, Emma covered Andrew in some fake spider webbing, and he just looks so comfortable with it, like “Yep, she does this every day, no biggie.”

7. When Emma photobombed Andrew.

Emma Stone photobombs Andrew Garfield

(Photo: Joseph Marzullo/

If you don't want to frame this photo — which was taken last year after the couple attended an off-Broadway play — and hang it on your wall forever, I don't know what to do with you. It's the most perfect photo ever taken.

8. When they sang about The Amazing Spider-Man for German TV.

German stuff tends to be.. well… a little weird. But weird stuff is awesome, especially if it involves singing, so I love this video. The little giggle they let out at the end gives me life.

 9. When they used the paparazzi following them for a good cause.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield paparazzi cute response charities photos

(Photo: Anthony Dixon/

Instead of just ducking their heads and trying to avoid the paparazzi snapping photos of them while they spent the day together, Emma and Andrew made up signs promoting their favorite charities so word would get out through the photos. In case you can't make it out, the charities are Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda's Club New York City.

10. When they did a Teen Vogue shoot together.

They start out this interview saying their names wrong, then proceed to flirt and act silly the whole time. It's intercut with gorgeous shots of them in stylish outfits, and at one point Andrew blows on Emma and she giggles. I can't handle this.

11. When they pretended to fight during an interview.

This entire video is pretty much just them flirting. It's like the interviewer isn't even there at some moments. They pretend to disagree, stare at each other adoringly, and laugh a lot.

12. When they presented together at the MTV Movie Awards.

This video isn't the fanciest, but it's worth it just to see Andrew take a step back to allow Emma to be her usual hilarious award-show-presenting self. Seriously, she should win an award for presenting at award shows. And she can present the award to herself. Preferably with Andrew there, just because.