Either Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are Back Together Or They Never Broke Up

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Either Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are Back Together Or They Never Broke Up Emma Stone Andrew Garfield New York City December 2014 jpg

Good news, everybody! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are (back) together! I put “back” in parentheses there because I’m not entirely sure they were even broken up in the first place, since the Internet is being rather unclear about it. Either way, we can stop whispering desperately to a photograph of the two of them every night before bed, pleading for them to make things work and then sleeping with it under our pillow. Wait, that wasn’t just me doing that, was it? That was an “all of us” situation, right? Okay, good.

E! Online reports that Emma and Andrew were spotted at a West Hollywood sushi restaurant this week and looked very much back together. According to Us Weekly, it was more than just sushi; it was also pancakes. Not at the same time, of course. This happened a day before the sushi date, and they were apparently holding hands. Yay for food and affection!

Now that we’re all in a good mood, maybe we can figure out what all these break-up rumors have been about. There’s been speculation that these two were on the outs for a while now, especially when Emma showed up to award shows without Andrew earlier this year. Then last month it was reported that the two of them were on a “break” that wasn’t actually a “break,” because huh? At the time, E! said it was about distance and work obligations, while Us Weekly took a more ominous approach and said they “weren’t getting along.” Now E! is all, “They never really broke up,” and Us Weekly is all, “They’ll probably get back together.” WHICH IS IT, YOU TWO?

The way I see it, a “break” due to work obligations and distance isn’t a break. It’s just not seeing each other for a little while. A break is when you say, “We’re totally able to see each other right now, but we’re choosing not to because we need time apart.” I’m pretty sure when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have to be apart for a few days they don’t consider it taking a break from their marriage. It sounds like these two were just busy with different things in different places, so the tabloids turned it into a quasi-breakup.

Emma and Andrew, of course, haven’t responded to any of this. I like to imagine they’re all cuddled up on the couch right now having a good laugh about it. I wish them all the pancakes and sushi their little hearts desire.

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