Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Get Engaged, Instantly Become America’s Favorite ‘Hmm, Really?’ Couple

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Emma Roberts Evan Peters walking together september 2013

Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have retired their engagement, it only make sense that two more young celebrities would step up to the plate and be our next “really, is that a good idea?” couple. Meet Emma Roberts and Evan Peters! At the young and tender ages of 22 and 26, these two kids are already getting voted as the most likely to not follow through with that whole engagement thing. Because what's an engagement these days but a way to make sure your name gets in the headlines. (I know, it worked! Right here! On this site!)

While neither of them have confirmed the news yet, Extra‘s exclusively reporting (via sources) that Evan proposed in New York City over the holiday season with a pink and gold ring. And I am exclusively reporting that I'm already working on the script for American Horror Story: Bridezillas. Naturally it will star Jessica Lange as a wedding planner…who's also the abandoned daughter of Godzilla. Emma Roberts will play the bride and Evan Peters will play a misguided boy who's in love with the actress, Taissa Farmiga.

As always, we'll update with more news as soon as we have it. Such as “did Emma say, you had me at zombie sex?” and “Are they serious with this?” and “Is the source Auntie Julia?”

(Photo: A.Monterotti, PacificCoastNews)