Portia De Rossi’s Anniversary Present To Ellen Was Just As Adorable As They Are

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Ellen Portia perfect

In news that will make you go, “Awwww, you guyyyyyys” in a voice so high-pitched that every dog in a five-mile radius will immediately be at your door, Portia de Rossi got Ellen DeGeneres an adorable present for their sixth wedding anniversary. I would expect no less from them, to be honest. Here's the cute photo Ellen tweeted of the two of them over the weekend:

Guys! It's skywriting! I'm gonna be honest and say that if pretty much any other couple did this, I'd be rolling my eyes so hard right now. I'm notoriously averse to traditional romantic gestures, which is why I ban myself from watching TV commercials during February and December (the jewelry months, shudder), and the mere sight of roses, even if they're in a photograph, gives me an allergic reaction. Whenever I eat at restaurants, I also request to be seated as far as possible from people on dates to avoid being witness to a proposal.

But these two are just so cute, and they both look so happy, and their hair is so windswept, that I can't help but feel my heart growing three sizes. Don't worry, it'll shrink back to the shriveled prune it usually is once I'm done with this post.

And sure, this kind of makes me think about that hidden message in The Lion King that actually reads “SFX” but all the conspiracy theorists claim reads “SEX.” But I'm going to choose to ignore that for Ellen and Portia. Congratulations on six years of marriage, you two! And also on looking more and more like one another every single day. Seriously, I'm starting to think that every photo of the two of them together is actually just a photo of Ellen standing in front of a mirror.

(GIF: Tumblr)