16 Ways to Distract Yourself When You’re Trying Not to Text Him

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We’ve all had those moments where we seem to be having a staredown with our phones, desperately waiting for a message and trying not to be the one who texts first, or again. Often, guys are to “blame” for this tense interaction, when they either make a game out of torturing you and not texting you back for hours, or they are just typically negligent, and not malicious, when it comes to texting conversations. Either way, it’s tough on a girl. You need something to distract you.

Whether you’re trying to prove a point by not texting someone for a certain amount of time, trying to wait an appropriate amount of time to text so you don’t appear over-eager or have your own personal motives, here’s a list of things to do to keep yourself distracted for the appropriate amount of time, whether you choose to do one or all of these.