Diane Kruger’s Terrible First Date With Joshua Jackson Proves Celebrities Really Are Like Us

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Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger attending The Host screening in NYC March 2013Guys, I have proof right here that celebrities really are like us! They have awkward, disastrous first dates just like we do. Sometimes their dates are so awkward they veer into romantic comedy territory and … wait a minute, their lives are just like romantic comedies. And it's the first rule of the romantic comedy as a genre that nothing should be true to real life. So celebrities aren't like us at all. Wow, that was a fast shift. But regardless of where Diane Kruger's first date with Joshua Jackson ranks on the “real person” to “rom com” scale, it shows that not all celebrity couples are manufactured by publicists in an office somewhere, only to make their debut like “The Birth of Venus,” all dolled up and holding hands without shame in the middle of the supermarket. Sometimes they have real live first dates, and sometimes everything that can go wrong will.

Diane was recently on Conan, where she gave a detailed explanation of her first date with Josh. The way she describes how he basically conned her into having dinner with him and then took her to a restaurant where she had an allergic reaction to the flowers, you'd think she was talking about some guy she went out with one time and never wants to see again, not the man she's been seeing for seven years. But I guess that's the point you get to when you date someone for that long; you're comfortable complaining about them to a tall redheaded man on basic cable. The story goes on and on, with more and more disastrous things happening. How disastrous? So disastrous that Diane says she contemplated slapping him as they said goodbye.  So… that disastrous.

But don't worry, she didn't slap him. The story actually has a very cute ending. So cute that it apparently led Diane Kruger to keep going on dates with Joshua Jackson for seven years. And maybe even more dates on and on until the end of time. Just another reason they're one of the most underrated celebrity couples we have right now. Let's cling to them dearly. They give us hope for famous people. Now where's that engagement ring?

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