How To Actually Meet Someone This Summer, According To Matchmakers

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I don't know about you, but in my opinion, summer has to be the best time of the year to fall in love meet someone new. The weather's nice, there's a seemingly endless amount of outdoor events and activities to participate in, and a lot of people just like to be out of the house. So if finding love or even a just a summer fling is on your agenda for the upcoming months, opportunities to make that happen are everywhere.

“Summer can be a great time to meet someone and develop a casual fling into a serious relationship,” Jaime Bernstein, a D.C.-based senior matchmaker at Three Day Rule tells Alloy. “This time of year is full of unique ‘meet- cutes' due to all the seasonal events, concerts, festivals and road trips. So seize chance encounters and don't be afraid to approach someone that you find attractive.”

recent survey conducted by found that “falling in love” is the number one summer bucket list item for a majority (83 percent) of singles this year. So it's not too surprising that popular dating apps like Tinder see spikes in activity during the summer months. While dating apps are a super easy way to meet new people, it's summer! You can easily swipe for a date at any time of the year. Besides, who isn't a sucker for a real-life meet-cute? Scrolling through all the duds to find your one true love doesn't quite epitomize romance.

So here are seven expert-backed ways to actually meet someone this summer. No swiping necessary.