Daniel Radcliffe Is Reportedly Engaged, So Ten Points For Gryffindor!

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Daniel Radcliffe laughing black and white

In news that will have you frantically googling “Is Daniel Radcliffe old enough to get married?” (I'll save you the time and say yes, he's 24), Daniel Radcliffe is reportedly engaged. Star magazine is reporting that Dan has asked his girlfriend, actress Erin Darke, to marry him after two years of dating. This is according to a “close pal,” who may or may not be a house elf who overheard it. We just don't know.

Dan is supposedly “desperately in love.” Wow, I didn't know anonymous sources could have such a way with adverbs. Dan and Erin, who's American, are allegedly planning to get hitched outdoors next year on the banks of Lake Michigan. They're also apparently going to Paris to pick out an engagement ring, and “insiders” say Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will attend, with Rupert being best man. If we ignore the fact that those details sound totally made up and actually assume this is true, congratulations are in order. Let's just hope Ginny isn't jealous.

Here's what else the source had to say about Dan and Erin's relationship:

“They’re trying to keep it low-key, because he’s very private,” the source adds. “But they’re both bursting with excitement. It’s the happiest we’ve seen him in years.”

I'd make another Harry Potter joke here, but let's stop pretending I'm good at it, shall we? If you obsessively read everything I write (and why wouldn't you?) you might have picked up on the fact that I'm not the biggest fan. I'm currently cursing Daniel Radcliffe for not being in The Lord of the Rings so I could make a “put a ring on it” joke.

But regardless, DanRad seems like a swell guy, and if this is true, I wish him and Erin happiness and love and rainbows. And either way, props to them for keeping a low profile (the HP kids seem to be very good at that) and trying to have a Relationship That Must Not Be Named. Or putting an invisibility cloak over their love. Okay, I'll show myself out now. I'm an embarrassment to my generation.

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