Cry Me A River: My Neverending Crush On Justin Timberlake

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It started with the “Tearin Up My Heart” music video as I was lying face down on my grandparents' beach house floor while my mom rubbed aloe on my freshly fried eight-year-old back. I saw a bleach blonde Justin Timberlake serenading me. I don't know what it was about that spongy, yellow curls that got me, but I was obsessed.

At first, it was a normal childhood crush. But things took a turn for the worst as the posters plastered up on my walls, and *NSYNC stickers covered my notebooks and binders. I had t-shirts, keychains, and issues of Tiger Beat everywhere. I would sneak downstairs after bedtime to watch *NSYNC music videos just so I could see Justin's face. I wrote letters.

Sadly, they garnered no response.

I had a gigantic poster of that curly-Q above my bed, and I legitimately thought he knew I existed. I got mad at other girls who were crushing on him too. Why couldn't they fall for JC Chasez? I mean, let's be real, he's no Justin. But seriously, back off my man. For my ninth birthday, my “friend” Megan bought me a Backstreet Boys CD. Needless to say, we were no longer friends.

On that same birthday, there was one more present from my parents. *NSYNC concert tickets. I don't remember my reaction because I'm pretty sure I blacked out at the very moment I opened the envelope.  In addition to the tickets, my parents also got a limo to take me and my friend (with our moms) to the concert. We even sipped on sparkling grape juice. It was fabulous, and Justin of course wanted a classy girl. Even though we had lawn seats and were nowhere near JT, that was the best night of my life at the age of nine.

In 2000, JT and the boys released No Strings Attached, which now looking back has a lot more adult themes that we thought. I mean, Justin in that “Bye Bye Bye” video was good stuff. My whole family took me to that concert in Atlanta, and I will be forever grateful that my dad and brother sat through it as I screamed my face off. Allegedly, I was so excited to hear Justin live that I threw up. But there is no evidence to those claims so I don't think it happened.

When Justin and Britney Spears started dating, I didn't believe it. I thought it was what I now know to be a publicity stunt. It had to be fake, mainly because Justin was mine, and Britney was a whore. I couldn't stand it. Their breakup was one of the best days ever, especially because I knew he'd never have to wear that heinous denim outfit ever again.

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