Monica Geller And Gob Bluth Might Be Dating, You Guys

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Monica Geller and Gob Bluth Might Be Dating  You Guys Gob Bluth gif


Have you ever dreamed about a crossover episode of Friends and Arrested Development? No? You haven’t? Yeah, me neither. But we might be getting a real-life version of just that, whether we asked for it or not. Courteney Cox and Will Arnett — better known to Netflix bingers as Monica Geller and Gob Bluth — might be dating.

To quote Monica…

Monica Geller and Gob Bluth Might Be Dating  You Guys Monica I know gif


It was just last week that rumors started swirling that Courteney was dating her onscreen husband Matthew Perry. E! News went and dashed our Geller/Bing dreams by saying the rumor was false. But could it be that Courteney is actually dating Will?

Let’s examine TMZ’s report on the topic, shall we? Courteney and Will reportedly arrived together at The Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills last night and “had a long dinner.” A source told Entertainment Tonight that the pair were “all over each other,” which is a favorite phrase among anonymous sources.

At around 11 PM, Courteney apparently walked out by herself and got into a black SUV, which then drove 20 yards and stopped. Will came out shortly thereafter and started towards the SUV, but then “beelined it back inside The Palm,” only to eventually get an Uber.

I’m sure Will just forgot his wallet in the restaurant. Either that or HE DOESN’T WANT US TO KNOW HE’S DATING COURTENEY COX! Looking as if you have something to hide is the first clue that you have something to hide. Don’t they teach these celebrities the rules?

Courteney, who was previously married to David Arquette, recently called off her engagement to Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid. Similarly, Will, who was previously married to Amy Poehler (RIP true love), split from his girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg over the summer.

Can we go ahead and call this a rebound? Is it a coincidence that Arnett and Arquette sound similar? Is this even really happening? I want answers!