Courteney Cox Is Engaged To A Younger Man, Way To Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Thunder

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Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid engaged June 2014

Last night Courteney Cox announced her engagement to boyfriend Johnny McDaid by posting a photo of the two of them on Twitter and writing, “I'm engaged to him!” They've only been dating for six months. If I'm doing the math right, that means Courteney started seeing Johnny more than a year after her friend and friend Jennifer Aniston got engaged to Justin Theroux in 2012.

And if Jen's current inability to walk down the aisle is any indication, Courteney will have started a relationship and gotten married all in the time Jen's been engaged. Wow, way to steal Jen's thunder, Court. Hmm, why does that phrase sound familiar? Oh right, that's because it's exactly what Rachel Green did to Monica Geller on Friends when she kissed Ross the same night Monica got engaged to Chandler. Is it too far-fetched to say Courteney's getting revenge for her character?

She can't really be blamed, though. Does Jen really expect Courteney to wait the full fifty years it'll take her to get married before she can have her time to shine? There are only so many “pregnant and alone” reports one can dispute before it's time for Courteney's spotlight. And boy did she go all out with the guy she chose. Courteney's fiance is 37 years old, Irish, and in the band Snow Patrol. Did you hear that, Jen? Those are shots fired.

Courteney, who's 50, is no stranger to dating younger men. Her ex-husband David Arquette is more than seven years her junior, and she's said before that “it's great to be a cougar.” On Cougar Town, no less. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston is engaged to a guy less than two measly years younger than her. Tsk tsk. Better get to that altar fast, Jen. Now you've got Angie and Courteney to think about. And on top of all that, you've been pregnant eleven thousand times now. Oh, I think I just heard number eleven thousand and one start up. Can't you catch a break?

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