17 Reasons Why Your College BFF Is the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

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College friendships. Is there anything sweeter? There's nothing quite like spending four years living with the same person — going to the same classes, the same dining hall, the same parties — to make you ~really~ get to know them, flaws and all, and decide you love them regardless. From attending wild, drunken frat parties to pulling all-nighters in the library together, your college BFF has been through it all with you.

But what really makes this friendship so powerful? Whether it's the fact that during your college years, you're still learning who you are and growing into yourself — and your BFF gets a front row seat for it — or it's the mere number of hours you spent together that cemented your friendship into the Guinness Book of World Bestieships, one thing's for sure: there's no other BFF like the one(s) you made in college.

Here's why.