17 Celebrities Who Can Actually Behave Maturely Toward Their Exes

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Demi Lovato real mature


Valentine's Day is coming up this Friday, so it's time to talk about love. Specifically love that doesn't exist anymore. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but sometimes life isn't all Hershey's kisses and jewelry from Jared. Sometimes couples break up. That includes celebrity couples. The great thing about them is that we get to witness how they behave to each other after they've split. There are two roads celebrities can take with their exes: the high road or the road that leads them to acting like immature babies.

This post is all about honoring those celebs who've taken the high road with their exes. Some of the couples on this list are mutually mature toward one another, while others are only half mature. In other words one of them is a total class act, and the other one, well, isn't. It's understandable for some of them to be bitter or petty in their private lives, but publicly it's nice to see people behave like adults.

1. Demi Lovato to Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato Joe Jonas August 2010

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Demi and Joe were a match made in wholesome Disney star heaven, until they weren't anymore. Recently Joe decided to spill intimate details about Demi's drug use in an essay for New York Magazine. Most people would probably agree that's not so mature. But thankfully Demi has enough maturity for the both of them, because she responded to his comments by tweeting a supportive response and then tactfully saying what he did was pretty “stupid,” but they're cool. She left the burning to Miley.

2-3. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together August 2013

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Speaking of Miley, who'd have thunk she'd be so classy about her break-up from Liam Hemsworth? She told Barbara Walters that she was simply too young to be engaged, but she doesn't regret the experience. Liam also commented on the break-up last year, saying he's happy for Miley's success. Glad they could twerk it out. (I'm sorry.)

4-5. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Nina Dobrev Much Mususic Awards Toronto Canada June 19 2011

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Sometimes couples break up and they're so nice to each other afterwards that you wonder why they just can't stay together. That's the case with Nina and Ian. They still have to work together on The Vampire Diaries, so it's a good thing they can get along. Even though Nina has since moved on to have a brief fakelationship with Derek Hough, she and Ian still make appearances together and act adorable. They even joked about their break-up at the People's Choice Awards.

6-7. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Amy Poehler Will Arnett Savage Beauty Met Gala May 2 2011 New York City NY(Photo: WENN)

Acting mature toward your ex is even more important if you have kids together, and Amy and Will continue to impress. They sat together backstage at the Emmys, and Will even attended Amy's birthday party shortly after they separated. Of course we'd prefer it if they were still together, but this is pretty acceptable too.

8-9. Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Silverman Jimmy Kimmel May 2006

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Here's another funny couple who can get along after their break-up. Sarah's fake affair with Matt Damon contributed to his infamous feud with Jimmy, and now that they've broken up and Jimmy's married to Molly McNearney, they're still being funny together. Did you see when Sarah brought a box of Jimmy's stuff on his show? Adorable.

10-11. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr Flynn Post Divorce Together(Photo: Lenny Abbott,

Another couple who gets along so well broken up that they should really just get back together. Orlando and Miranda broke up last fall amid cheating rumors, and also probably because they just had too much hotness to fit in one marriage. But Orlando has said that they still love and care about each other and will behave like adults for the sake of their son Flynn. Oh just get back together already!

12. Courteney Cox to David Arquette

Courteney Cox David Arquette October 2008

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David and Courteney have had a pretty rocky divorce. David spoke to the media about cheating on Courteney, and in 2011 he checked into rehab. Courteney continues to be supportive and caring toward David to the media. Just last month she said she supported his relationship his new girlfriend, with whom he has a baby: “When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it's not with you.”

13-14. Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall

Michael C Hall Jennifer Carpenter Dexter event June 2013

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Here's another ex-couple who had to continue working together after their break-up, and this time the Dexter stars weren't just dating — they were married. Jennifer even teared up last fall when talking about their post-divorce relationship, saying “there's nothing but love and respect between us.” Stop it, Jennifer, you'll make me cry!

15-16. Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Nicholas Hoult dating 2012

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Obviously these two are in a unique position on this list because they actually got back together after their break-up, but when they were apart Nicholas and Jennifer were nothing but mature to one another. After Jennifer won her Oscar, Nicholas said he was “very proud” of her. Ugh, my heart.

17. Harry Styles to Taylor Swift

Harry Styles Taylor Swift New York City NY CentralPark Zoo

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We all know Taylor Swift isn't a big fan of the high road, but Harry Styles on the other hand is like so over their fakelationship break-up. Whereas Taylor allegedly says the F word while he's on stage at an award show, when the tables are turned Harry has mastered his poker face. He's also said he's totally cool with Taylor writing songs about him. I'm sure he'll be just as mature when Hendall is over. Will it ever be over?