Cara Maria Sorbello Breaks Up With ‘Challenge’ Costar Abram Boise Following His Arrest

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Cara Maria Sorbello Breaks Up With  Challenge  Costar Abram Boise Following His Arrest caramariasorbello jpgCara Maria Sorbello (pictured) and Abram Boise hooked up on the most recent season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which was called Cutthroat. At the show’s reunion, they said that they were still together. However, it sounds like Cara Maria was not happy with Abram’s recent arrest for public indecency and the way he behaved in jail (smearing his poop all over the wall). Unlike 99 percent of the girls who appear on The Challenge, Cara Maria seems to have a spine, and she wasn’t interested in staying with Abram once she got word of his misbehavior. On her Facebook, she posted the following note in response to multiple questions about her relationship status:

Because no one can seem to mind their own business and because Abram changed his relationship status and announced to the world that I did not support him in his recent criminal actions. Because you all gave him the pity party he wanted. Because he involved you people, strangers and friends, when I would rather stay silent and keep things personal between us.
Here is my response:
I have been gone for over a month.. missing my man and counting the days to see him again. Literally I find out about this story a day ago. WHen I finally have internet access the first thing I see is the TMZ story. Of course I am open to hearing his side…
and I DO call him and hear his side… but the fact is…..
He indeed took his own **** in his own hands and smeared it on the wall and attempted to throw it at the cops.
I repeat- he took his own **** in his HANDS… and smeared it on the wall and attempted to throw it at the cops.
His ****.. in His hand.
this is not a fake rumor created by TMZ. this is an actual true event.
And this was done in MY own hometown. And my name was involved. This is embarrassing. It makes me look bad. Friends,family, etc know about it. It is disturbing and disgusting. I do not agree with his actions.
I agree the cops were being *******s but even if they are…. you sit back.. shut up… and wait til its over before taking actions against them. You don’t **** and **** everywhere. Especially not when you are doing a CHILDRENS BOOK TOUR.
I am different… i like weird things…I love his self inflicted scars and home made tattoos… they are a beautiful part of him…….. i love Abram’s artistic side and his hypnotizing way with words and writing… ive never felt so loved and so beautiful than I do with him…. but this….. i can not stand by. I need time alone. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just do not agree with his actions and am very turned off by it.
Agree with me… Disagree with me. I don’t care.

Responses to the post have been mixed – several people posted positive comments on her wall, but there are also several comments about how Abram still loves her and she should reconsider. I don’t know much about Cara Maria and I didn’t see her original Challenge (Fresh Meat 2), but good on her for sticking up for herself.