16 Reasons Why Being a Bridesmaid is Actually the Worst

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So one of your closest friends is getting married… Yay! And she asked you to be a bridesmaid…double yay! It's just as you dreamed since you were a little girl. But don't do your happy dance just yet. I hate to break it to you, but being a bridesmaid is a HUGE commitment that isn't really as fun as what you've imagined. Of course, you want to support your friend on her special day, and she deserves it, but you're also basically signing your life away. (Not to be dramatic.) Being asked to be a bridesmaid just might be the worst thing about having a close friend get married.

We've all seen Bridesmaids, but that movie is tame compared to the real-life horrors of being a by a bride's side during the wedding process. This list will tell you the nitty gritty dirty truth of being a bridesmaid and possibly inspire you to just say no. (No, it's not rude — sometimes it's the responsible thing to do.)