The Perfect Snacks to Get You Through Every Type of Breakup

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The WB

Relationships can be wonderful. Having a significant other comes with significant perks…until it doesn’t. Cracks can begin to form for any number of reasons; maybe they’re jealous all the time, or you hate each other’s taste in music, or you don’t appreciate them enough, or you have different ideas about your future together. Whatever the cause, the effect is an accumulation of cracks that causes the relationship to break.

Breakups aren’t as simple as they sound. Splitting a partnership into two pieces leaves a jagged edge. Getting over a breakup is just as unique. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms, but one of them stands above the rest: food. Finding comfort in calories never feels as good as it does after heartbreak.

Some breakups are sad, some are mad, some can even be a little bit of a relief — here’s what to indulge in for each type to get you through.