17 Texts Anyone Being Breadcrumbed Has Definitely Received

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In an era of instant gratification, we’ve all gotten used to getting things when we want them: we have food delivered to our doorsteps, we stream movies directly to our iPads, we Snapchat our friends in 10-second intervals throughout the day. And, for better or for worse, the same can be said for romance.

Gone are the days of hand-written letters, months of courting, and flirting without the use of an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad the playing field is evening out for men and women, but something about a “You up?” text doesn’t quite get the butterflies going. (Maybe being single isn’t so bad, after all.)

Texting has become both a blessing and a curse for dating. It’s easy to keep in touch, to bat flirty banter back and forth, to make plans without making an awkward phone call. But it’s also so easy to drop the ball.

By now, we’re all familiar with the concept of ghosting: you’re hitting it off with someone for weeks, maybe even months, and things seem to be going well… until they completely drop off the face of the planet. No text messages, no explanation, a non-breakup breakup.

The latest version of ghosting is breadcrumbing: when someone strings you along with a trail of just enough breadcrumbs to keep you coming back for more, even though they don't intend on making anything of it. You might not even realize it’s happening to you. If you’re receiving any of these 16 texts… beware. Your crush just might be breadcrumbing you. Don’t be like Hansel and Gretel; stop following that trail!