Ugh, Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse May Have Gotten Back Together At Coachella

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Ugh  Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse May Have Gotten Back Together At Coachella 4 Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse posing in Paris park August 2013 jpg

Will Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse just decide whether they want to be together already? Just yesterday I was watching Bradley at the MTV Movie Awards and thinking what a shame it is he and Suki broke up, because she would have been able to explain youth culture to him. And now I find out that they might actually be back together and making out at Coachella. But lots of people have been making out at Coachella, and not all of them are happy couples (cough, Madonna and Drake, cough), so I wouldn’t put them back on your “Totes Together” list so soon.

First, let’s examine the photographic evidence. TMZ has pictures of Suki and Bradley embracing at the festival. (Please go look at them and tell me whether or not Bradley is in fact wearing a man bun and a fanny pack, because that’s certainly what it looks like.) There’s no lip-to-lip contact, but Page Six reports that they were spotted making out backstage during Interpol’s performance. They also apparently dined together in Los Angeles on Thursday. Renewing their contract, perhaps?

Just so we’re clear, I don’t think I will ever believe that these two are a real couple. Not even if they get married and have twelve children and die holding hands like in The Notebook. I just do not buy it. Those pictures in the park in Paris (see above for a particularly romantic one) turned me into a permanent skeptic. But hey, as long as the only people they’re lying to are us, and not each other, then go forth and be fake.

But if they’re going to be fake, can’t they at least commit to it already? Every time they break up we start brainstorming new beards for Bradley, and it’s simply a waste of our time if they’re just going to get back together soon afterward. Be a little more considerate, you two.