Bradley Cooper’s Ex Got Enough Publicity From Writing About Him, So Now She’s Scolding Us For Talking About It

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito attending Babel premiere November 2006

Bradley Cooper's ex-wife, actress Jennifer Esposito, wrote negatively about a certain relationship in her new book Jennifer's Way, saying the guy was a “master manipulator” and had a “mean, cold side.” She never mentions Bradley by name, but there are hints in terms of time frame that suggest that's exactly who she's referring to. Obviously it got her a lot of attention, since Bradley Cooper is now a huge star and Jennifer Esposito… not so much. But now that we've all been reminded that she exists and that she has a book she wants us to buy, she's really mad that we're making this all about Bradley.

Jennifer released a statement basically scolding the general public for talking about this particular relationship-related passage instead of what her book is supposed to be about on the whole — her experience with celiac disease.

“This book is about my journey with celiac disease and only that,” Esposito says in a statement. “To refer to anything other than the subject at hand or to make this book about anything else is an insult to me and this disease that plagues so many.”

By that logic, shouldn't Jennifer be mad at herself for writing about the relationship in the first place? But of course she wouldn't be mad at herself for making that decision, because look at all the publicity it's getting her. By acting offended after the fact, it's just making it look more and more like she purposely inserted the relationship passage to get people to pay attention to her, so she could then turn around and go, “By the way, you should read the rest of my book too!”

Whether Jennifer was writing about Bradley here or not, if she put it in her book, it's fair game for the public to talk about, and if it's not relevant to the book's larger subject matter, why is it there in the first place? I see you, Jennifer. Don't even try.

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