18 Simple Ways That You Can be a Better Roommate

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Living with roommates is almost a rite of passage. It is an adjustment going from having your own space at your parents' to living with friends, or even strangers. Whether it's in a college dorm or in your very own apartment, the relationship you have with your roommate will determine if you're happy or not. A bad living situation is enough to make anyone go crazy and be miserable.

It's definitely hard to live with people and even harder if either of you aren't making any effort to get along. But like any relationship, it takes two people to make it work. Even if your roommate isn't a good living companion, you should be. The following tips will help you along to have a good relationship. Or it will help you creep along until your lease runs out and you can get the hell out of there.

1. Clean Up After Yourself


Since you're no longer living with your mom, you're responsible for cleaning up your own messes. If you want your roommate to hate you, then be a slob. But who wants that? Do simple things like cleaning up after you cook and keeping your clothes in your room, not the common living space. So, you know, common sense.