15 Real Reasons Why Being Single Can Be A Good Thing

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You know how in all those Disney movies, the princesses were lucky enough to be swept off their feet by dream Princes by the time they were like, 18? Being single after reaching puberty doesn't even really seem like a viable option for anyone who was raised on Disney films and Rom-Coms. If you’ve been single on a Valentine’s Day (or tbh, any holiday), then you definitely know what I mean. The overall suckiness of single life can be weighty if you’re sitting there waiting for the one while your friends and family are enjoying their happy endings (or at least happy-for-now moments) around you.

But here’s the twist that those Disney movies didn’t show us: It’s OKAY to be single. And not only is it okay, but it can be pretty amazing. Need proof? Here are sixteen reasons why being single is actually good for you… Right now and in the long run!