There’s No Better Way To Learn About Cheating Than From A Naked Guy

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Cheating is just one big and very long BOO!  But in a very timely manner (cough cough KStew) this week’s Ask A Naked Guy covers everything you need to know about cheating! If you’ve been cheated on, or maybe you’re considering cheating on your significant other, this video gives you a lot to think about.

We usually only get the opinions of women who were scorned by an ex-lovers——hello Taylor Swift’s You’ve Should’ve Said No to Nancy Sinatra‘s These Boots Are Made For Walking. But thanks to Kate and Mari from Gurl and one very naked Reynaldo, we’re getting an exclusive look inside the cheating world of a man.

Reynaldo looks back on his own experiences when he was tempted to touch —  and shares with you what he could/should have done differently!  Kate, Mari and Reynaldo also cover how true the famous phrase of, “once a cheater, always a cheater” really is and clues that might suggest your beau might be fooling around behind your back.

So put down that Louisville slugger all you Carrie Underwoods, and get that closure you need with the help of these two lovely ladies and one very naked guy!