Either Mila Kunis Is Engaged To Ashton Kutcher, Or No One Told Her That You Can’t Put A Ring On That Finger

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Ashton Kutcher dating mila kunis

The gossip queens over at People are reporting that Mila Kunis went outside on Wednesday wearing a ring on her ring finger. Yeah that ring finger. The one that says, “this lady is about to devote 90% of her time planning a wedding via Pinterest.” Or more specifically, “I'm committing between 1 to 7-or-so years of my life to walking down red carpets with Ashton Kutcher.” Although it was only a small gold band, America's reacting like she emerged from the Atlantic Ocean sporting the Heart of the Ocean. Then again, I suppose it is somewhat of a national holiday when two beautiful people possibly make the decision to possibly procreate and populate the world with more beauty.

Someone who is neither Mila or Ashton or their respective reps couldn't help but share this tidbit with People.

“They are clearly very much in love, in tune with each other and so comfortable,” an entertainment source close to Kutcher said. “In some ways, it's like they're married already.”

There's only one small problem with the whole engagement thing. Ashton Kutcher is, in some ways, married already. Apparently that whole divorce thingy with Demi Moore is still getting figured out. While some might see this as an obstacle getting in the way of true love, I just see it as a rejected TLC show. The last time they let a guy with two wives shock them was, um, oh, I don't know, never. They're about to air a special called My Five Wives, so it takes a lot more than one not-so-ex-wife to get them all hot and bothered.

So with TLC in mind, let's congratulate Mila Kunis on maybe becoming Mrs. Kutcher 2. Or at the very least, congratulate her on trolling the press like a pro. Oh, if I was a celebrity, the rings I would step out in,  the baby bumps I would buy, the side boob I would flaunt!