Nobody Wants To Buy Ashlee Simpson’s Wedding Photos, So Who Wants To Chip In?

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Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross West Hollywood July 2014

Ashlee Simpson married Evan Ross over the weekend at his mom Diana Ross' Connecticut home. How lovely. I'm sure we'll see some nice portraits from the event in a magazine very soon, just like we saw Angelina Jolie's wedding dress on People magazine. Wait, what's that? We probably won't see their wedding pictures in a magazine? Because nobody wanted to buy them? Oh. Well, now I'm just sad.

And what makes this whole situation even sadder is the fact that Ashlee isn't just some woman who isn't as famous as she used to be. She's a woman who isn't as famous as she used to be with a sister who is just as famous as she used to be. A sister who actually has gotten her wedding photos in magazines. But according the the New York Daily News, if your name is Ashlee and not Jessica, nobody cares:

“The Simpsons have a long history of selling pictures to magazines,” an insider tells Confidenti@l. “When Jessica was at the peak of her success with Nick Lachey, her dad made an exclusive several-part deal with OK! magazine. Just a few months ago, Jessica sold her most recent wedding pictures to People for $300,000. But now it seems no one cares about Ashlee anymore.”

And get this — People allegedly showed an interest, but “made it clear that a picture of the two sisters together would be better than a picture of Ashlee alone or with her groom.” Ouch. I'm in pain. Ashlee also apparently “wanted this to be her time to shine.” Ugh, I hurt. Apparently the photos have now been released non-exclusively for sale to any magazine who wants them.

This isn't Ashlee's first marriage, of course. She was previously married to Pete Wentz and had a son named Bronx with him. But it's also not Jessica's first marriage, and yet everyone was racing to count the sequins on her wedding gown when it was revealed. Is this really how we repay Ashlee for her “La La” song? For her arc on 7th Heaven? For inspiring me to get choppy bangs when I started high school? We should be ashamed of ourselves. So I vote we all chip in and maybe put the pictures in a nice frame for her or something. Perhaps decorated with macaroni. We are so nice.

(Photo: Devone Byrd, PacificCoastNews)