Anna Camp And Skylar Astin Might Be Dating, And That Would Definitely Be Aca-mazing!

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Anna Camp And Skylar Astin Might Be Dating  And That Would Definitely Be Aca mazing  Anna Camp Skylar Astin Dating Photo jpgWhile I would obviously prefer to be reading about Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin's secret wedding under a Hawaiian waterfall right now, this news about Anna Camp and Skylar Astin possibly playing kissy face works for me too. According to the exclusivity-hogs over at Us Weekly, the two Pitch Perfect stars made their couple debut at the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays this week.

Even though I didn't look up "celebrity couple debut" on Wikipedia, I have watched the Cotillion episode of The OC enough time to understand what it takes to make a splash on the scene. So even though I don't know this for a fact, I'm fairly confident that the two hired a trumpeteer to announce their arrival at the event. And that they then walked in to the ballroom hand-in-hand and proceeded to get to 2nd -and-a -half-base before the crowd broke out into applause and said "welcome to celebrity couplehood!" Then the paparazzi (probably) parachuted in from the ceilings, stole their privacy and ran off into the bushes. I expect Anna Camp baby bump rumors to start any second now. Especially after watching this interview with them from last fall where Skylar's hardcore starring at Anna as she speaks.

The only thing that makes me a teeny-tiny bit nervous about this pairing is that things might get slightly awkward on the set of Pitch Perfect 2. You know, because Skylar will probably make out with Anna K. a lot. And that'll might make Anna C. a little uncomfortable — even though she'll say she's totally cool with it. Then Anna K. will have to have a little girl-to-girl talk with Anna C. where she promises that she's totally not into Skylar and he's not at all her type. Which will force Anna C. to get defensive and be all like why don't you like Skylar, what's wrong with him. And Anna K. will smirk and be like "no, I don't mean that, he's just not the right guy for me, but for you, he's like perfect, like if you don't mind that thing he does when he kisses, you're like a match made in heaven. Ta ta!" And my illusions of this cast being the best cast will all be shattered.

But besides that, Mazel Tov to this couple. May I suggest that we celebrate the news with a Pitch Perfect song?

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