Amy Poehler Spotted On A Date With Nick Kroll, And No, That’s Not A Euphemism For Will Arnett

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Amy Poehler November 2012Well, well, well, it looks like Amy Poehler's ready to move on from Will Arnett. Even though some of us are still clinging to their relationship like a board in the middle of the Atlantic ocean that our girlfriend won't let us climb up on, despite the fact that death is inevitable if we keep treading water.

A NY Post spy caught the actress having a dinner date with comedian Nick Kroll in LA recently. And tell you what, this isn't even the first time they two have dined together. As in, this spotting might be a second date. Or a third date. Or they could be married and this could be their reception. Or perhaps they already married and divorced and this is their reconciliation dinner. We don't know for sure because the “spy” did a half-ass job of spying. He probably didn't even wear wear camouflage and hide in the potted plants in the corner of the restaurant.

As sad as I still am about her divorce from Will Arnett, I'm happy she's dating Nick Kroll. He's a pretty funny guy and I would by lying if I told you I didn't debate dating him myself after seeing him wasted in this past season of Burning Love. If she's not going to rekindle her relationship with Will Arnett Parent-Trap style, then I guess it's good that she just date awesome people like Nick Kroll. Especially if it leads to some crossover cameos between their two shows and/or an invitation to their next dinner date. Hear that guys? I'm open to dating both of you!

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