Aaron Paul Thanks His Ex-Girlfriends For Leading Him to His Wife, Which Is Sweet I Guess

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Premiere Of Open Road's 'Triple 9' - Arrivals

If you happen to be an ex of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, today was a weird day. Because today that ex of yours is thanking you for helping him get to his wife Lauren…in an Instagram post… to his 2.4 million followers…and he called some of you crazy. But I bet it'll make for a fun story to tell at parties though, right?!

Aaron posted the kinda sweet/ kinda awkward note to all the ladies of his past with a picture of him and wife Lauren looking lovely at the premiere of his movie Triple 9. 

Look at this angelic goddess @laurenpaul8 on my arm at the @triple9movie premier last night. I just want to give a shout out to all of my ex's right now. Some of you were incredible women and it was just never the right fit for us, some of you were pretty crazy and I felt like I was losing my mind but I wish you all the best, but all of you have something incredible in common. You all led me to her. So thank you for that. Ok bye.


He then peppered in hashtags like #realtionships, #keepyourheadup and #youneverknowwhatsaroundthecorner because I'm sure what all those exes really want to hear right now is Jesse Pinkman telling them things will be alright. On that note, if this made any of Aaron's exes feel the need to look through his Instagram, probably not the best idea. Mainly because it is full of insanely sweet moments between Aaron and Lauren. But Bryan Cranston does show up occasionally, so there's that.

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