Growing Pains
Growing up is a huge pain in the butt -- you know what we're talking about. You'd totally relate to these books by Sarah Dessen!

That Summer
For 15-year-old Haven, her summer is framed by two weddings--her father's and her sister Ashley's. Nothing seems stable except for her memories of the summer that Ashley dated Sumner Lee.

Just Listen
When Annabel has a bitter falling out with her best friend she suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. Can Annabel find the courage to speak out about what exactly happened the night her friendship with Sophie came to a screeching halt?

Lock and Key
Ruby is used to taking care of herself. But now she's living in a fancy new house with her sister Cora and her husband Jamie. As Ruby starts to see, there's a big difference between being given help, and being able to accept it.

Can't get enough of Sarah's lovely books? Check out the complete list on her official site!

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