Uncontrollably, Unruly, Curly
No one ever said curly hair was easy, but it doesn't have to be that hard, either! What's important is to know your texture, and get the right cut. Not all stylists can cut curly hair, so be 100% sure that your stylist really is an expert. Once you've done that, we have some amazing tricks to tame those tresses. First, apply Moroccan oil to just washed, wet hair. Not all curl shampoos are the same, so start with one that keeps your hair and scalp super happy. Then, use a diffuser to gently dry your hair. Finally, wrap errant, misbehaving curls around the outside of a curling iron (Yes! A curling iron!). You'll get a uniform, natural, wavy look and you won't have to wash it out for a few days!

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