Classic Cutie
When it comes to trends, you're a little bit wearier than the average girl. You understand that a trend doesn't suit everyone so you'd rather stick to what you know. You're into basic looks that are simple but flattering on you! So when it comes to BTS shopping, stick with pieces that are timeless, form fitting and convenient. These Slingbacks (in neutral) just might become your new fave pair of sandals! It's a perfect blend of comfort and style.

And don't forget your school supplies! Get organized with this chic Five Star Flex™ NoteBinder™ (in either black or navy). It's super stylish and functional! It's a notebook and binder fused into one. It's slim like a notebook yet functional like a binder. And get splashes of color with Five Star Flex™ NotePocket™ in different shades like red, blue or green.

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