Trendy Hottie
Well aren't you a little trendsetter. You try to incorporate as much of the newest styles while adding your personal touches. You have the right idea! You know that a celeb's fab mini rainbow dress might look hot on her, but it might make you look like Rainbow Fish. You don't get fashion forward by imitating celebs! You put together odd, unlikely pieces for a polished and one of a kind look. Can't forget about the bag! Stash away all your notebooks and school supplies in this sweet bag (in yellow)! It's roomy enough for everything and it's totally adorable.

Now that you've got yourself looking fab, don't abandon your school supplies. Try a Five Star Flex™ NoteBinder™, a notebook and binder fused into one. It's slim like a notebook yet functional like a binder. And don't forget to grab this trendy Five Star Flex™ NotePocket™ in a hot new shade -- Trend Pink.

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