Which Haute & Bothered Girl Are You?
Which Haute & Bothered Girl Are You?
The ladies of Haute & Bothered couldn't be more different if they tried. We've got Phoebe, the farm girl from Kansas, who's thrust into the couture world. Next there's Jo, a design diva, who instantly becomes a fierce frenemy to Pheebs. And then there's McKenzie, a fashion legacy, with an unexpected sneaky streak. The question is, fashionista, which H&B gal is your main match up? Take the quiz and find out!

One thing these ladies do have in common? Their love for LG's Rumor 2 & Versa. Check out the official cell phones of Haute & Bothered here.

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1. Why would you apply to Haute & Bothered's MFI?

2. Which stylish show do you always tune into?