Have You Got Star Power?
Have You Got Star Power?
In Star Power by Zoey Dean, four Bel-Air girls are about to rise and shine in Hollywood. Emily Skylar is set to star in a major motion picture. Coco Kingsley's on the pop star track. Evangelina Becks is about to be the next surf model calendar girl, and Mac Little-Armstrong is using her connections -- not to mentions her wiles -- to turn her friends into mega-stars.

Is your Hollywood knowledge as strong as Mac, Emily, Coco, and Becks'? Take the Star Power quiz to learn everything you need to know to make it to the top! Then check out Star Power by Zoey Dean.

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1. Behind every great star is a great agent, like Mac. What type of agent is she?

2. Hollywood is synonymous with juicy gossip, but the savviest stars know that sharing intel has its risks. What's Tinsel Town's number one rule about gossiping?